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Cittadino nel Mondo stands for being a Citizen in The World. Our mission is to gather a small group of artist and, by introducing them to different cultures, raise their awareness to important social and environmental topics in the world. We aim to help artists escape the busy city life, learn about new cultures, and receive a new wave of inspiration and energy to create even more breathtaking and inspiring works of art. 



Immersing artists to new cultures and environments:

We have a strong goal to connect artists from different countries and backgrounds and expose them to different environments. As a global art residency program we also want to pick locations that are diverse in nature and culture.

Learning about Local Cultures:

Each Cittadino nel Mondo program’s theme is designed to be harmonious with the surrounding region and culture.

Learning about Sustainability:

Besides the creative aspect, a core mission of Cittadino Nel Mondo in Italy is to take care of nature by teaching artist about sustainability, raising awareness of the local environment and the production of healthy local foods. Artists will participate and learn about olive oil farming and production from local Italian family.

Our goal locations:


Residency based in Italian countryside, where artist can reconnect with nature and get inspired by ever present energy of greatest painters, sculptors and other makers of the past.


Residency based in Tokyo, city of an indescribable energy plot between tradition and innovation. Artist can explore the Japanese Culture known for respect, art of hospitality and great appreciation for beauty.


Welcomes artists with a magical verve and an intense mix of happiness, romance and drama. At the same time the surrounding spiritual and mystical energy of Mayan and Aztecs in addition of some breathtaking views will calm and inspire any soul.


Switzerland with its charming and enchanting beauty seems like a perfect place to slow down and work out some good routines. The powerful yet calming views of the Swiss mountains, lakes and the fresh pure air will surely clear artists vision for new inspiration. 


Art for us is a language that is universal in nature and can break down any cultural differences.  

natalia bieganska  |  Founder



Cittadino Nel Mondo is an art collective and art residency program that hosts a small group of artists from around the world. Cittadino Nel Mondo Residencies are created in different locations around the world from the far east like Japan to Italy and other locations. The founder of Cittadino Nel Mondo, Natalia Bieganska, is an artist who has travelled the world extensively and has been deeply inspired by local cultures. As a result of her travels, Natalia has a strong mission to connect artists from different countries and backgrounds. Art for her is a new language, universal in nature, breaking down any cultural differences. The program will support the artist to disconnect from city life and work on their art in locations such as the Italian countryside (Fall 2019) as well as other rural, urban, and exotic locations.


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